Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Central Oregon Community College promotes student success and community enrichment by providing quality, accessible, lifelong educational opportunities.

Vision Statement

To achieve student success and community enrichment, COCC fosters student completion of academic goals, prepares students for employment, assists regional employers and promotes equitable achievement for the diverse students and communities we serve.

Our Values

  • Student Focused in All That We Do
  • Caliber of Faculty and Staff
  • Open Door Philosophy
  • Reputation
  • Diversity
  • Campus Traditions
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Internal Connections
  • External Connections
  • Innovation

Core Competencies

Upon successful completion of any one-year certificate of completion or higher, students will be able to:

  • Communication: Communicate effectively and ethically for a variety of audiences
  • Computation: Apply appropriate mathematics to solve problems and interpret results.
  • Human Relations/Cultural Literacy: Demonstrate respect and empathy for individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

2018-2023 Strategic plan goals

Student Success

Provide resources and support to facilitate increased student persistence and educational goal achievement.

Student Experience

Provide core academic offerings and student support at all campuses and online.

Community Enrichment

Engage as a collaborative and contributing partner with the community.

Institutional Efficiency

Strengthen systems, policies and procedures to create more proactive, responsive and effective internal processes.

Outside of

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