Bobcat Welcome

Bobcat Welcome is an online introduction to COCC that all certificate and degree seeking students are required to complete prior to advising and registration. Visit the COCC website for more information about Bobcat Welcome.


All COCC students taking credit classes must provide writing and math placement information to COCC before they can register for classes. Students may meet the placement requirement in one of the following ways:

  • Placement assessment: The placement assessment evaluates academic skills and helps place the student into the right level of courses and may meet a program/course prerequisite. Placement scores are valid for two years.
  • Complete a college level reading, writing and math course with a “C” or better at another regionally accredited college and have submitted transcripts prior to advising and registration.
  • Provide placement scores/placement from another college within the last two years and have submitted a copy of the placement prior to advising and registration.
  • Completed the Smarter Balanced Assessment within the last two years and scored a 3 or 4 in writing and/or math.
  • Have an associate, bachelor’s or higher-level college degree.

Students are not required to show placement if they are planning to take only HD 110 Career Planning, HD 190 OLI Leadership Skills I, studio art, world language, computer skills, music performance or HHPA activity courses.

Students auditing courses using the 65+ tuition waiver are not required to take the placement assessment.

Visit the COCC website for more information about the placement process, how to prepare, how to take the placement assessment and other important placement information.


After placement is provided, all certificate and degree seeking students are required to meet with an academic advisor. For new students, dates and times of group advising options are available on the COCC website. All students who participate in group advising sessions will be emailed the name of an individual academic advisor, based on the major stated on their admission application after the start of the term. Students can change their advisor by contacting CAP Services at 541-383-7200.

Current students should contact their advisor directly to schedule an advising appointment. Students can confirm the name of their advisor by contacting CAP Services (located in Cascades Hall) or by logging in to their Bobcat Web Account. Current students may choose to be self-advised, which means the advising requirement is waived and students are responsible for choosing their courses and making sure that those courses fit their degree goal. To apply for and review the requirements for receiving self-advising status, visit the COCC advising website.


After submitting an application for admission, completing Bobcat Welcome, providing placement and meeting with an advisor (if degree-seeking), students may register for courses based on the dates and times listed on the COCC website. The registration schedule for credit students is based on enrollment status and number of credits earned at COCC. Degree-seeking students who have attended credit classes at COCC in any of the past four terms are eligible for priority registration. Transfer credits may meet some program requirements but are not counted toward “earned credits” for registration purposes. For more details, view the priority registration schedule. Students wishing to pursue a cohort program without a selection process must meet the basic prerequisite competencies and will be placed in the program according to seat availability on a first-come, first-served basis according to the priority registration schedule.

Student registrations are complete only when courses are entered into COCC’s online student information system. A student may not register if a debt is owed to the College. Students must be registered in order to attend class. Students may not take more than 19 credit hours per term without permission from Admissions and Records.

Students will be withdrawn from a course if they have not completed the prerequisite course(s) with a “C” grade or better from a prior term.

Adding and Auditing Courses/Wait Lists

Students may add courses via their Bobcat Web Account, by phone, or in person at any COCC Campus. Courses may be added until 7 a.m. on the first day of the first class session. After this time, online instructor approval is required to add a course.

Please note:

  • Students may not begin attendance in a new class after the first week of the term.
  • Students may not register for two sections of the same course.
  • To register for courses that overlap in time, students must receive permission from both course instructors.

Auditing Courses

Full-term courses may be changed to/from audit through the seventh week of the term. Changes can be made by phone or in person at any COCC Campus. Audited courses do not apply toward financial aid. Note: different deadlines exist for short-term courses; contact Admissions and Records at 541-383-7500 or, for details.

Wait Lists

Students who are on a wait list for a course will automatically be registered into the course if a seat becomes available by 5 p.m. the Friday prior to term start of the term (for information on short term classes, please contact Admissions and Records). Students will receive a notification in their COCC email account to confirm they have been registered for the course and are now responsible for applicable tuition/fees. Students who are not automatically registered in the course and remain on the wait list can request online permission from the instructor to add the course, if a seat is available. The instructor can submit online permission to allow the student to add the class via their Bobcat Web Account, by phone, or in person at any COCC Campus. Permission expires after two business days.

Attendance/Administrative Withdrawal

In order to assure that all available class seats are filled with students, both registered students and students from the wait list, COCC enforces an attendance policy during the first week of the term.

To maintain enrollment in each class, the student must attend the first class meeting and 100 percent of the first week’s class and lab meetings. Students in online classes must complete the attendance requirement outlined in the syllabus. For classes that do not span the entire term the student must attend the first class session. Students who do not meet attendance requirements will be administratively withdrawn from that class by the instructor at the time class roll is taken. If this results in a tuition refund, the refund will be processed within three weeks. If students are unable to attend a session within the first week due to extenuating circumstances, they must contact the instructor prior to the first class meeting if they wish to avoid administrative withdrawal. Allowing students to remain in the course is solely at the discretion of the instructor.

The College is not responsible for liabilities associated with the administrative withdrawal of students.

The administrative withdrawal policy does not relieve students from full responsibility for officially dropping a course within the given deadline to not incur tuition charges and to not receive a grade for the course.

Dropping Courses/Complete Withdrawal

Students registered in courses are considered to be in attendance. Students who stop attending class but do not drop the class will receive a grade for that course and will owe all tuition and fees. This grade will be a permanent part of the student’s academic record.

For full term classes, students may drop through week seven of the term via their Bobcat Web Account, by phone, or in person at any COCC Campus. Beginning week eight, students need online instructor approval to withdraw. Students may withdraw by phone or in person at any COCC Campus.

Short-Term Courses

  • For a refund or credit for courses which span two weeks or less (14 calendar days) in a term: the class must be dropped before the first day of class.
  • For a refund or credit for courses which span more than two weeks (15 plus calendar days) but less than full term: the class must be dropped no later than three days after the class start date.

Full-Term Courses

Students may drop a course during the first two weeks of the term and receive a full refund, and no grade will appear on the student’s transcript. Between the third week and the end of the seventh week of the term, students can drop a course; no refund is available, but no grade will appear on the transcript. Students may request to withdraw from a full-term course between the eighth week of the term and the Wednesday before finals week with online instructor permission. Withdrawing will result in a "W" on the transcript and no refund is available. Students should communicate with the instructor and refer to the course syllabus to determine the conditions under which a "W" can be granted. See the academic calendar - important dates by term for specific dates.

Complete Withdrawal

Students receiving federal financial aid may owe a repayment if they completely withdraw from courses. See the Financial Aid section for details.

Withdrawing Due to Active Military Duty

Active duty, guard and reserve military personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard) who are enrolled at COCC and whose academic progress is interrupted due to deployment or activation mid-term may withdraw without tuition penalty. A student currently in a course will not be charged for the course and the registration will be voided with no indication on the transcript. Students must submit a copy of their military duty assignment orders verifying deployment or activation along with their request to withdraw from the course to Admissions & Records. Copies of the orders must also be submitted to the COCC VA Certifying Officer if any military benefits are being used. If the service member intends to return to school, the person will be readmitted with the same academic status as when last attended. This policy does not apply to retired military personnel or dependents.

Cancelled Classes

The College reserves the right to cancel or postpone a class. Students registered in classes that are cancelled will be notified via their COCC email account and issued a full refund. Every effort will be made to cancel the class well in advance of the intended start date allowing students to reschedule or make other arrangements.

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