CTE List

Students may use up to 12 credits of career and technical education (CTE) courses indicated in the following list to meet elective credit requirements for the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer and the Associate of Science. CTE courses are not intended to transfer, and if baccalaureate institutions accept them, they are usually limited in number.

Course Title Credits
AH 111Medical Terminology I3
AH 112Medical Terminology II3
AH 150Phlebotomy3
AUT 101Basic Electricity for Automotive2
AUT 102Automotive Electric I5
AUT 103Automotive Electric II2
AUT 104Automotive Electric III2
AUT 105Diesel Performance I2
AUT 106Automotive Program Orientation1
AUT 107Mechanical Systems I3
AUT 110Small Gas Engines3
AUT 111Computerized Engine Controls5
AUT 112Basic Engine Performance I1
AUT 113Basic Engine Performance II1
AUT 114Welding for the Automotive Trade3
AUT 115College Success for Automotive Technology2
AUT 199Selected Topics: Automotive1-4
AUT 201Automotive Engines4
AUT 202Manual Drive Trains I3
AUT 203Manual Drive Trains II3
AUT 204Steering and Suspension3
AUT 205Engine Performance I2
AUT 206Engine Performance II2
AUT 208Automotive Brakes3
AUT 211ASE Test Prep I1
AUT 212ASE Test Prep II1
AUT 216Co-op Work Experience Automotive1-4
AUT 216ACWE Automotive A4
AUT 216BCWE Automotive B4
AUT 251Automatic Transmissions - Rebuild3
AUT 253Automotive Air Conditioning3
AUT 256Automatic Transmissions Theory2
AUT 260Diesel Performance II4
AUT 270Automotive Controller Systems I4
AUT 271Automotive Controller Systems II4
AUT 280Hybrid Electric Vehicles I4
AUT 281Hybrid Electric Vehicles II4
AV 101Introduction to Aviation3
AV 104Introduction to Aircraft Systems4
AV 108Meteorology I4
AV 110Private Pilot - Airplane5
AV 112Technically Advanced Aircraft3
AV 115Private Pilot-Helicopter5
AV 116Airplane Fundamentals3
AV 117Helicopter Fundamentals3
AV 150Aerodynamics4
AV 188Special Studies: Aviation1-5
AV 199Selected Topics: Aviation1-8
AV 200Aviation Law3
AV 201Airport Management3
AV 204Advanced Aircraft Systems4
AV 208Meteorology II4
AV 210Instrument - Airplane5
AV 215Instrument Helicopter5
AV 220Commercial Pilot-Airplane4
AV 222APrivate Pilot I Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222BPrivate Pilot II Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222CPrivate Pilot III Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222DInstrument Pilot I Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222EInstrument Pilot II Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222FCommercial Pilot I Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222GCommercial Pilot II Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222HCommercial Multi Engine Pilot Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222ICertified Flight Instructor I Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222JCertified Flight Instructor II Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 222KMulti Engine Instructor Pilot Airplane Flight Lab1
AV 225Commercial Pilot-Helicopter4
AV 227APrivate Pilot I Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227BPrivate Pilot II Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227CPrivate Pilot III Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227DInstrument Pilot I Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227EInstrument Pilot II Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227FCommercial Pilot I Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227GCommercial Pilot II Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227HCommercial Pilot III Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227ICertified Flight Instructor I Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227JCertified Flight Instructor II Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 227NInstrument Pilot III Helicopter Flight Lab1
AV 235Human Factors4
AV 245Advanced Helicopter Operations4
AV 246Aviation Safety3
AV 250Certified Flight Instructor-Airplane5
AV 255Certified Flight Instructor-Helicopter5
AV 271Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems4
AV 272Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Operations5
AV 273Unmanned Aerial Sys Ops Maint5
AV 288Special Studies: Aviation1-5
AV 299Selected Topics: Aviation1-8
BAK 100Want to be a Pastry Chef?2
BAK 101Introduction to Baking & Pastry4
BAK 110Baking and Pastry Foundations I4
BAK 140Baking and Pastry Foundations II4
BAK 170Baking and Pastry Foundations III4
BAK 180Custards and Frozen Desserts4
BAK 188Special Studies: Baking and Pastry Arts1-6
BAK 199Selected Topics: Baking and Pastry Arts1-6
BAK 210Modern Sugar and Chocolate Decor4
BAK 215Laminated Dough and Viennoiserie4
BAK 220Wedding Celebration and Specialty Cakes4
BAK 225Entremets4
BAK 230Plated Desserts and Presentation4
BAK 235SClassical French Pastries4
BAK 240The Craft of Artisan Breads4
BAK 250Petit Fours, Candies and Classical Mignardise4
BAK 255SArtisan Breads with Heirloom Whole Grains4
BAK 260Advanced Wedding, Celebration, and Specialty Cakes4
BAK 265Comprehensive Retail Baking Operations5
BAK 280Baking and Pastry Arts Industry Internship1-6
BAK 298Independent Study: Baking1-4
CIS 010Computer Keyboarding1
CIS 070Introduction to Computers: Windows2
CIS 099Selected Topics: Computer and Information Systems1-4
CIS 101Information Technology Orientation3
CIS 120Computer Concepts4
CIS 122Introduction to Programming4
CIS 124IT Fundamentals4
CIS 125AAccess4
CIS 125A1AutoCAD 14
CIS 125A2AutoCAD 24
CIS 125DVDigital Video Productions4
CIS 125EExcel4
CIS 125GPhotoshop4
CIS 125IAdobe Illustrator4
CIS 125VVisio4
CIS 125WAWeb Animation4
CIS 131Software Applications4
CIS 133JSIntroduction to JavaScript4
CIS 133PIntroduction to PHP4
CIS 135A1AutoDESK Revit 14
CIS 135A2AutoDESK Revit 24
CIS 135C1AutoCAD Civil 3D4
CIS 135DBDatabase Theory/SQL4
CIS 135S1SolidWorks 14
CIS 135S2SolidWorks 24
CIS 140A+ Essentials I4
CIS 145A+ Essentials II4
CIS 151CCisco Internetworking4
CIS 152CCisco Router Configuration4
CIS 154CCisco VLAN and WAN Technologies4
CIS 178Internet in Depth4
CIS 179Networking Essentials4
CIS 179CLCloud Essentials4
CIS 179LLinux Essentials4
CIS 188Special Studies I1-4
CIS 195Web Development I4
CIS 197CMS Web Development: WordPress4
CIS 198Computer and Information Systems Projects3
CIS 199Selected Topics: Computer and Information Systems1-7
CIS 233PWeb Programming4
CIS 244Information Systems Analysis4
CIS 279LLinux+4
CIS 279OPCybersecurity Operations4
CIS 279SCWindows Server Configuration4
CIS 279SESecurity+4
CIS 279SMWindows Server Management4
CIS 279SSWindows Server Services4
CIS 279WCWindows Client4
CIS 280Co-op Work Experience CIS1-3
CIS 284Cisco CCNA Security4
CIS 284EHEthical Hacking4
CIS 288Special Studies II1-4
CIS 295Web Development II4
CIS 297CIS Professional Capstone4
CIS 298Independent Study: CIS1-4
CIS 299Selected Topics: CIS1-7
CUL 100Want to be a Chef?2
CUL 101Introduction to Culinary Arts4
CUL 102Food Safety and Sanitation2
CUL 104Applied Math for Culinary Arts4
CUL 105International Exchange Preparation2
CUL 110Culinary Foundations I4
CUL 140Culinary Foundations II4
CUL 170Culinary Foundations III4
CUL 180Modern Garde Manger4
CUL 188Special Studies: Culinary Arts1-6
CUL 199Selected Topics: Culinary Arts1-6
CUL 200Comprehensive Kitchen Operations for the Restaurant Industry5
CUL 203Food Truck Operations4
CUL 220International Cuisine and Global Flavor Profiling4
CUL 225Applied Harvesting and Food Preservation Principles4
CUL 230Culinary Nutrition and Applied Techniques of Healthy Cooking4
CUL 235SFarm-to-Table and Sustainable Cuisine Practices4
CUL 240Butchery4
CUL 242Charcuterie4
CUL 245SModernist Cuisine and the Evolution of Cooking4
CUL 255SEvent Planning and Execution with Modern Banquet Cookery4
CUL 265SAdvanced Skill Development and Culinary Competition Mastery4
CUL 270Culinary Arts Capstone5
CUL 276ARegional World Cuisines: Africa4
CUL 276CRegional World Cuisines: Caribbean4
CUL 276FRegional World Cuisines: France4
CUL 276GRegional World Cuisines: Germany4
CUL 276IRegional World Cuisines: Italy4
CUL 276JRegional World Cuisines: Asia4
CUL 276SRegional World Cuisines: Spain4
CUL 280Culinary Arts Industry Internship1-6
CUL 298Independent Study: Culinary1-4
DA 110Basic Dental Assisting4
DA 115Dental Science5
DA 120Advanced Dental Assisting4
DA 125Dental Infection Control3
DA 130Dental Materials I4
DA 131Dental Materials II4
DA 134Dental Radiology I3
DA 135Dental Radiology II4
DA 145Preventive Dentistry3
DA 150Intro to Dental Office Management3
DA 151Dental Computing2
DA 160Oral Medicine3
DA 181Dental Seminar I1
DA 182Dental Seminar II1
DA 190Dental Assisting Practicum I1-5
DA 191Dental Assisting Practicum II1-8
DA 199Selected Topics: Dental Assisting1-4
EMT 151Emergency Medical Technician Part A6
EMT 152Emergency Medical Technician Part B6
EMT 163Advanced EMT Part I5
EMT 164Advanced EMT Part II5
EMT 170Emergency Response Communication/Documentation2
EMT 171Emergency Response Patient Transport2
EMT 188Special Studies: Emergency Medical Technician1-5
EMT 195Crisis Intervention for the Emergency Medical Provider3
EMT 199Selected Topics: Emergency Medical Technician1-5
EMT 280Paramedic Co-op Work Experience4
EMT 280AParamedic Co-op Work Experience1
EMT 280BParamedic Co-op Work Experience2
EMT 280CParamedic Co-op Work Experience3
EMT 288Special Studies: Emergency Medical Technician1-5
EMT 290Paramedic Part I8
EMT 291Paramedic Part I Clinical3
EMT 292Paramedic Part II8
EMT 293Paramedic Clinical Part II3
EMT 294Paramedic Part III8
EMT 295Paramedic Clinical Part III3
EMT 296Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)1
EMT 297Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)1
EMT 298Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)1
EMT 299Selected Topics: Emergency Medical Technician1-5
FIRE 103Fire and EMS College Success1
FIRE 104Introduction to Emergency Services4
FIRE 105Firefighter Safety & Survival3
FIRE 110Building Construction for Fire Personnel3
FIRE 112Public Education and Fire Prevention3
FIRE 114Fire Codes and Ordinances3
FIRE 120Fire Protection Systems3
FIRE 121Fire Law1
FIRE 122Fire Department Budget1
FIRE 123HazMat Awareness & Operations3
FIRE 125Firefighter Type II Training3
FIRE 130Rescue Practices3
FIRE 131S-131, Firefighter Type I1
FIRE 175NFPA Firefighter 1 Academy7
FIRE 199Selected Topics: Fire Science1-4
FIRE 200S-200 Initial Attack Incident Command1
FIRE 201NFPA Instructor 13
FIRE 203S-203 Introduction to Incident Information3
FIRE 205Fire Behavior & Combustion3
FIRE 210FI-210 Wildfire Origin/Cause2
FIRE 210SStructure Fire Investigation2
FIRE 211S-211 Portable Pumps1
FIRE 212S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws2
FIRE 215S-215 Fire Operations in the Urban Interface3
FIRE 219S-219 Fire Operations2
FIRE 230S-230 Crew Boss2
FIRE 231S-231 Engine Boss1
FIRE 232Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply4
FIRE 236S-236 Heavy Equipment Boss1
FIRE 248S-248 Status/Check-In Recorder2
FIRE 255Wildland Interface & Tactical Decision Simulations2
FIRE 261S-261 Applied Interagency Incident Business Management2
FIRE 263Human Behavior in Fire3
FIRE 265Fire and Emergency Service Administration3
FIRE 270S-270 Basic Air Operations2
FIRE 275Tactics & Strategies3
FIRE 280Co-op Work Experience Fire Science1-4
FIRE 281L-280 Followership/Leadership2
FIRE 286Pacific Northwest Engine Academy3
FIRE 290S-290 Intermediate Wildfire Behavior3
FIRE 291S-300 IC Extended Attack1
FIRE 292S-330 Task Force/Strike Team Leader1
FIRE 293S-339 Division Group Supervisor1
FIRE 294S-390 Fire Behavior Calculation3
FIRE 298Independent Study: Fire Science1-4
FIRE 299Selected Topics: Fire Science1-4
FOR 130Chainsaw Use and Maintenance2
FW 212Survey of Northwest Birds2
FW 218Survey of Northwest Mammals2
GEOG 211Cartography4
GEOG 267Geodatabase Design4
GEOG 273Spatial Data Collection4
GEOG 280Co-op Work Experience GIS1-3
GEOG 284GIS Customization4
GEOG 285Data Conversion and Documentation4
GEOG 286Remote Sensing4
GEOG 287Spatial Analysis4
HIM 103Introduction to Health Information Management4
HIM 104Health Information Standards and Governance4
HIM 105Health Information Compliance and Analytics4
HIM 171Project Management2
HIM 182Introduction to Reimbursement and Classification Systems4
HIM 184Pathophysiology and Pharmacology5
HIM 190HIPAA for Practical Experience2
HIM 199Selected Topics: Health Information Management1-4
HIM 201Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care4
HIM 202Health Information Management Applications2
HIM 203Health Information Technologies4
HIM 271Quality Improvement in Health Care4
HIM 272Management Principles and Leadership in HIM4
HIM 273HIM Capstone2
HIM 281Healthcare Statistics4
HIM 282Reimbursement Systems4
HIM 283Coding Classifications I4
HIM 284Coding Classifications II5
HIM 285Revenue Cycle Management5
HIM 293Professional Practice Experience2
HM 280Hospitality Management Industry Internship1-6
LMT 101Intro Massage Therapy Career1
LMT 113Kinesiology for Massage Therapy I4
LMT 118Kinesiology for Massage Therapy II4
LMT 124Kinesiology for Massage Therapy III4
LMT 130Massage Fundamentals2
LMT 135Managing a Massage Practice3
LMT 140Pathology for Massage Therapy4
LMT 145Massage I5
LMT 150Massage II5
LMT 155Eastern Theory & Practice2
LMT 160Hydrotherapy1
LMT 170Professional Ethics and Rules2
LMT 175Swedish Relaxation Clinic2
LMT 180Therapeutic Clinic3
LMT 188Special Studies: LMT1-4
LMT 199Selected Topics: Licensed Massage Therapy1-4
LMT 206The Spirit of Massage1
LMT 210Community Outreach2
LMT 216Aromatherapy Fundamentals2
LMT 217Aromatherapy Applications2
LMT 226Thai Massage I2
LMT 227Thai Massage II2
LMT 228Foot Reflexology1
LMT 229Japanese Facial Massage1
LMT 240Neuromuscular Treatments I5
LMT 245Effective Office Decisions2
LMT 255Zen Shiatsu4
LMT 265Sports Massage4
LMT 271Pregnancy Massage1
LMT 288Special Studies: LMT1-4
LMT 298Independent Study: Massage Therapy1-4
LMT 299Selected Topics: LMT1-7
MA 110Introduction to Clinical Medical Assisting7
MA 111Introduction to Professional Medical Assisting4
MA 120Clincal Medical Assisting II7
MA 121Administrative Medical Assisting5
MA 137Application of Professional Medical Assisting4
MA 147Medical Assistant Practicum I5
MA 150Pharmacology for Medical Assistants3
MA 188Special Studies: Medical Assistant1-4
MA 199Selected Topics: Medical Assistant1-4
MA 280Co-op Work Experience Medical Assisting1-4
MA 298Independent Study: Medical Assisting1-4
MFG 100MFG Orientation1
MFG 101Blueprint Reading3
MFG 102Blueprint Reading Sheet Metal2
MFG 103Welding Technology I4
MFG 105Welding Technology II4
MFG 107Welding Technology III4
MFG 109Lean Practices2
MFG 110Manufacturing Processes I4
MFG 112Manufacturing Processes II3
MFG 114Manufacturing Processes III3
MFG 115Design Processes I4
MFG 116Manufacturing Electrical Systems2
MFG 118Fluid Power Systems I2
MFG 119Manufacturing Design and Drafting Techniques4
MFG 119MMechanical Drawing Techniques4
MFG 133Quality Assurance3
MFG 160Materials Engineering2
MFG 161CNC Project I4
MFG 188Special Studies: Manufacturing Technology1-4
MFG 199Selected Topics: Manufacturing1-4
MFG 201Bench Work2
MFG 202Metals Preparation2
MFG 203Layout2
MFG 205Drill Press2
MFG 210Vertical Milling2
MFG 214Lathe Operator I2
MFG 216Lathe Operator II2
MFG 246Mechanical Troubleshooting2
MFG 250Additive Manufacturing2
MFG 254Manufacturing Jigs and Fixtures2
MFG 256CNC Mill Programming4
MFG 257CNC Mill Setup & Operation4
MFG 258Mastercam Mill4
MFG 259CNC Lathe Programming4
MFG 260CNC Lathe Setup & Operation4
MFG 261Mastercam Lathe4
MFG 262Welding Inspection/Quality Control2
MFG 264Automated Cutting3
MFG 266Manufacturing Cost Estimation2
MFG 267Oxygen-Fuel and Plasma Cutting3
MFG 268Production CNC Operations Mill3
MFG 270CNC Fixture Design Mill3
MFG 277Production CNC Operations Lathe3
MFG 278CNC Fixture Design Lathe3
MFG 279CNC Project II4
MFG 280Co-op Work Experience Manufacturing1-4
MFG 288Industrial Fabrication3
MFG 289Material Handling-Fork Lift Safety1
MFG 290Certification Test Preparation AWS I1
MFG 291Certification Test Preparation NIMS I1
MFG 298Independent Study: Manufacturing1-4
NUR 103Nursing Assistant9
NUR 104Certified Nursing Assistant: Level 26
NUR 106Nursing I12
NUR 107Nursing II10
NUR 108Nursing III11
NUR 188Special Studies: Nursing I1-8
NUR 199Selected Topics: Nursing I1-8
NUR 206Nursing IV11
NUR 207Nursing V10
NUR 208Nursing VI9
NUR 218Basic EKG1
NUR 280ACWE Nursing I1-4
NUR 280BCWE Nursing II1-4
NUR 288Special Studies: Nursing1-8
NUR 298Independent Study: Nursing1-4
NUR 299Selected Topics: Nursing1-3
PHM 100Pharmacy Technician Practice I5
PHM 110Pharmacy Calculations3
PHM 115Pharmacy Technician Lab I2
PHM 120Pharmacology I5
PHM 130Pharmacology II5
PHM 140Pharmacy Technician Practice II5
PHM 145Pharmacy Technician Lab II2
PHM 180Co-op Work Experience Pharmacy Technician1-4
PHM 181Pharmacy Technician Seminar2
PHM 188Special Studies: Pharmacy Technician1-4
PHM 190Pharmacy Technician Practicum7
PHM 199Selected Topics: Pharmacy Technician1-4
PHM 298Independent Study: Pharmacy Technician1-4
VT 101Intro to Veterinary Technician3
VT 102Veterinary Terminology3
VT 103Animal Hospital and Office Procedures3
VT 108Small Animal Nursing4
VT 110Parasitology and Pathology4
VT 111Hematology and Urinalysis4
VT 112Advanced Small Animal Nursing4
VT 113Exotic and Lab Animal Medicine3
VT 114Pharmaceutical Math3
VT 116Pharmacology4
VT 117Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology I5
VT 118Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology II4
VT 188Special Studies Vet Technician1-4
VT 200Radiation Safety2
VT 201Anesthesiology and Surgery Techniques4
VT 202Surgical Nursing and Dentistry4
VT 203Large Animal Nursing4
VT 204Diagnostic Imaging3
VT 206Small Animal Diseases4
VT 208Animal Nutrition2
VT 209Large Animal Diseases3
VT 212Veterinary Microbiology4
VT 280Clinical Practicum I9
VT 281Clinical Practicum II5
VT 288Special Studies Vet Technician1-4
VT 298Independent Study: Veterinary Technician1-4
VT 299Special Topics: Veterinary Technician1-4

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