Student Services

Central Oregon Community College offers a variety of academic and support services designed to foster student success.

Academic Advising (CAP Services)

Academic advising at COCC is provided by both CAP Services (Career, Academic and Personal counseling) and by full-time faculty members in each department. The purpose of academic advising is to guide students toward achieving their educational goals and to help students become self-reliant in understanding College policies and practices. Various advising requirements are in place to support this purpose.

Prior to registering for classes, new certificate- and degree-seeking (CDS) students and students who have not attended COCC for more than a year participate in small-group advising sessions. After the first advising session, students are assigned an advisor in their declared major and emailed the advisor’s contact information. Students are required to meet with their advisor to develop academic and career plans before the next term’s registration. All CDS students are required to meet with their advisor at least once a year.

COCC provides an online tool, GradTracks, to help students and their academic advisor track progress toward graduation. GradTracks allows students to see how completed courses are applied toward their certificate or degree and identifies requirements and courses still needed to graduate. Students can use GradTracks to also explore other certificate and degree options. Students can access GradTracks by logging on to their Bobcat Web Account and selecting the "Student Services and Financial Aid" and clicking on the GradTracks link. Students must be taking credit classes in order to view information in GradTracks.

Students are responsible for monitoring their advising requirement and for completing the advising steps. COCC recommends that students plan their advising appointments well prior to registration. Students can find their assigned advisor’s name and contact information and check advising requirements for an upcoming term by logging into their Bobcat Web Account. To do so, go to and select “Student Login.” After logging in, select “Student Services and Financial Aid,” then “Registration,” and then the “Can I Register for Credit Classes?” page.

Students may request a specific advisor or a change in advisors if they change their major. Students not seeking a certificate or degree are not required to meet with an advisor, but are welcome to meet with a CAP Services advisor. Contact CAP Services at 541-383-7200 or stop in Cascades Hall for advising options.

Associated Students of COCC (ASCOCC)

ASCOCC provides students with numerous opportunities for governance, advocacy and social programming. The council is responsible for allocating student fees, appointing students to campus governing committees, advocating for the entire student body and providing diverse social and educational programs and services. The ASCOCC council offers a limited number of paid positions each year.

Contact ASCOCC at 541-383-7595 or visit the ASCOCC website to find out about current activities and how to get more involved with the student council.

Bobcat Web Account

COCC students will use their online Bobcat Web Account to access account information including balances, financial aid, registration, degree requirements, personal contact information, etc.


The Campus Bookstore, located in Newberry Hall on the Bend campus, sells textbooks and course materials, program related clothing and supplies, art and ceramic materials, school supplies and also convenience food and beverages. Textbooks can be ordered 24 hours a day from the bookstore website. For more information about the bookstore, call 541-383-7570 or visit the bookstore website.

The Redmond Campus Bookstore is located in Building 1, Room 111, and sells textbooks and course materials, school supplies and convenience food and beverages. Please call 541-504-2929 for hours or visit the bookstore website.

The Broadside ONLINE

The Broadside Online is a student-run news source serving COCC and the larger community, providing online news as well as occasional print pieces. The Broadside Online serves as a campus communication link among students, faculty, staff and other readers; informs Central Oregon Community College community members of news, campus events and other topics of importance and general interest; provides a forum for free and open exchange of ideas and opinions; and provides an innovative learning experience in a laboratory environment which emulates that of a professional news source. 

Each year The Broadside Online offers dozens of student employment opportunities in reporting, editing, design and layout, multi-media communications, photography and journalism leadership. All students are welcome to apply for the paid positions. For more information, call The Broadside Online at, 541-383-7252, or at

Campus Public Safety

The COCC department of Campus Public Safety (CPS) provides 24/7 patrol and response services with state-certified public safety officers. Officers respond to calls for assistance, crime reports as Campus Security Authorities (CSA), traffic accidents, safety escorts, policy violations, medical emergencies and also enforce parking, traffic and policy regulations. The department provides information on crime prevention and personal safety. Crime statistics and annual reports are available on the campus public safety website or by calling the CPS office. Please report all incidents to the department at the numbers below. Active emergencies should be reported first to 9-1-1, then call the appropriate number: Campus Public Safety can be reached 24 hours each day, 7 days per week at 541-383-7272 or ext. 7272 from campus phones.

All students who park on campus must register their vehicles and display registration decals. Parking, traffic and other regulations may be found in the Parking and Traffic Regulations handbook available, along with registration decals, in the Boyle Education Center at either the Campus Public Safety office or in the Information Office. There is no charge for parking permits. Certain parking areas on campus are reserved for guests, carpool commuters, staff and vehicles displaying valid disabled parking decals.

Appropriate emergency preparedness and response to critical incidents on campus is a cornerstone of the College’s safety program. Posted in classrooms are emergency incident response directions and phone numbers. Emergency assistance phones and towers are located throughout the campus and connect persons directly with the Campus Public Safety department 24/7.

Prevention training opportunities are offered throughout the year to provide students and staff with information on active violence, emergency preparedness, self-defense and more. These programs are advertised through email communications, ASCOCC and other media. The College’s emergency preparedness and response plans and directions are located on the public safety webpage.

CAP Services (Career Services, Academic Advising, Personal Counseling)

CAP Services offers a variety of student services to support COCC students in setting and meeting their educational goals. CAP Services is located in Cascades Hall on the Bend Campus. Various services are offered on all four COCC campuses. Call CAP Services for more information about each of these services, 541-383-7200, or visit the CAP Services website.

Career Services (CAP Services)

COCC Career Services assists students with career planning and exploration, developing job search skills and finding full-time and part-time employment, including work-study placement. Local employers can use these services to recruit students and graduates with the specialized knowledge and skills needed in today’s workplace. Career Services is part of CAP Services, located in Cascades Hall and offers personal appointments, print-based and web-based resources, and workshops for COCC students and alumni. Call CAP Services, 541-383-7200, or visit CAP Services website for more information.

Club/Intramural SPORTS and Recreation Programs

The COCC Club/Intramural Sports and Recreation programs offer a wide range of traditional and nontraditional sports and recreational activities along with special events and tournaments for people of all interests and abilities. The spacious Mazama complex features top-flight sports and recreation facilities.

COCC Club Sports provide opportunities for competition, skill development, leadership and recreation. Clubs are organized by students with guidance from coaches, students, faculty, staff and community members. Current clubs include alpine ski racing, baseball, basketball, bowling, cycling, golf, Nordic skiing, rugby, soccer (indoor and outdoor), swimming, volleyball, running and triathlon.

Organized intramural activities are available at convenient times for COCC students, faculty and staff. The emphasis is on having fun, making friends and staying fit. Some activities feature friendly competition while others are purely recreational. Activities include basketball, bench-press tournaments, cycling (recreational and races), indoor soccer, day hikes, dodgeball tournaments, flag football, golf tournaments, running events, soccer (outdoor), softball (coed), swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

COCC promotes lifetime fitness for everyone. Facilities are available for drop-in use throughout the week for a small per-term user fee. Informal recreational activities and organized sports are available to all students. Passes for local recreation facilities are available to students at no cost (swimming, ice skating and bowling). Call 541-383-7794 or visit the Student Life website for more information.


ASCOCC offers many opportunities for students to participate in campus clubs. Clubs must involve at least four current COCC students, have a faculty or staff advisor and create a budget. Those having questions or ideas about forming a student club or participating in an existing club can contact ASCOCC at 541-383-7595 or visit the ASCOCC website for more information.

Computer Labs

COCC offers a variety of computing resources to students registered in its credit classes or Community Learning classes.

Drop-in computer labs are located on the Bend campus in the Barber Library, Pioneer Hall, Boyle Education Center and on the Redmond Campus in Building 3 and the Redmond Technology Education Center. Additionally, the COCC Madras and Prineville Campuses have computer labs that are scheduled for classes and drop-in use. There are computer labs specific to Math, Networking, Computer-Aided Drafting and Design, Science and Geographic Information Systems on the Bend campus and additional computer classrooms located on all campuses. All drop-in computer labs are staffed by student workers who offer assistance logging into student accounts and answering general questions.

Computers at COCC use the Windows operating system and most Microsoft Office programs along with class-specific programs. Drop-in labs are equipped with black-and-white and color laser printers, flatbed scanners and adaptive workstations. All non-classroom printing has a pay-to-print fee. Payment is made by using a COCC student ID card or a COCC print card purchased in one of the computer labs.

Copy Center and Mail Services

The Copy Center, located in the Bookstore (Newberry Hall) on the Bend campus, is a full-service copy center. Services include black and white as well as color copies, binding and general mail services including UPS. For more information about the Copy Center and/or Mail Services, call 541-383-7706.

Counseling (CAP Services)

Professional counselors are available at no charge to help COCC students identify and resolve personal issues. Counselors can help with stress management, depression, test anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, relationship issues or any other problems that may affect college success. All students who are enrolled in at least one credit or in Adult Basic Skills/English Language Learning courses are eligible to receive short-term counseling at no charge. For more information about personal counseling, visit the CAP Services website. Counseling appointments are confidential and can be made through CAP Services (Career,  Academic and Personal counseling) in Cascades Hall or at 541-383-7200.

Email Account

COCC provides qualifying students with a COCC email account. COCC’s primary means of communicating with students is through their COCC email account. This includes billing statements, communication from faculty, registration and wait list information and important announcements. Students should regularly check their COCC email account.

To access your COCC email account, visit the COCC homepage and click the “Student Login” button in the upper right-hand corner. Next, click the “Web Email” icon.

Information about your COCC email account and instructions on how to activate your accounts are sent via mail and to your personal email listed on the COCC application within a few days after your application for admissions is received. Visit the student login webpage for more information.

Food Service and Catering

Quality food service is available across campus, with the Bend campus dining services available in Coats Campus Center. For details on locations, prices and options, visit the food service website or contact Lance Mailem, the Sodexo General Manager, at 541-330-4389.

Health Insurance

Central Oregon Community College does not offer student health insurance nor does the College does require students to have health insurance coverage in order to enroll in courses or to participate in related activities and events.

Students are responsible for their own health insurance coverage. The College does not have a student health clinic on campus. Limited health services are available for free or at a reduced cost in the local community. Links to health resources in the community are available on the student health insurance webpage by clicking on the student resources link at the bottom of the webpage.

Housing - On Campus

COCC’s new Wickiup Residence Hall houses 330 students each year in a coed, academically focused, on-campus housing environment. Centrally located near Barber Library, Mazama Gym and the Coats Campus Center, Wickiup Residence Hall offers four-person suites with either two double bedrooms or four single bedrooms. Each suite includes a common living space, shower and bathroom shared by suitemates. Amenities include WiFi network access, laundry room, community kitchen, study lounges and recreational facilities along with a full meal plan. Contact the housing and residence life office at 541-383-7545, or visit the Housing and Residence Life website for more information.

Space in the Wickiup Residence Hall is limited. Students seeking accommodations are encouraged to submit a housing application at their earliest convenience. All paperwork and deadline dates are available online. Upon completing a housing application, students must be prepared to pay a housing application fee. To guarantee a space in the hall, students will need to sign a housing agreement and pay a security deposit and down payment. The room and board rates for the 2020-21 academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring) are:

Room Starter1 Basic2 Standard3 Preferred4
Double Room per term $3,759 $3,818 $3,952 $4,088
Total (Fall, Winter, Spring) $11,277 $11,454 $11,856 $12,264
Single Room per term $4,766 $4,825 $4,959 $5,095
Total (Fall, Winter, Spring) $14,298 $14,475 $14,877 $15,285

Housing - Off Campus

Availability of off-campus housing varies from season to season and year to year. The Office of Student Life accepts postings electronically on its website from the community for off-campus housing opportunities. Available housing options include apartments for rent, rooms for rent in homes and homes for rent.

To view current submissions visit the off-campus housing website. This website also provides other community resources that may be helpful in locating off-campus housing. The College provides this information as a service to students; however, it does not assume responsibility for screening rentals.

LatinX Programs

The Latinx program assists in the recruitment, retention and academic success of immigrant and native Latinx students. The program coordinator assists students to meet their educational goals and contribute to the campus community. The coordinator advises the Latinx club with planning and implementation of relevant educational programs and social activities.

For more information, in English or Spanish, contact the Latinx program coordinator at 541-318-3726 or visit the Latinx program website.

¡AVANZA! (Moving Forward!) Latinx College Preparation Program: The goal of ¡AVANZA! is to encourage Latinx youth to graduate from high school and to pursue higher education, and ultimately, to obtain a rewarding career and contribute to their communities. The program offers a dynamic curriculum that integrates leadership, college preparation and culturally relevant themes for the Latinx students.

For more information, contact the ¡AVANZA! program coordinator at 541-318-3717 or visit the ¡AVANZA! program website.


COCC’s three-story, 72,000-square-foot Barber Library opened in March 1998 and serves the students, faculty and staff of all Central Oregon Community College campuses.

The Barber Library collection features hundreds of thousands of full text research articles from more than 100 scholarly electronic resources and databases, a local collection of about 70,000 print and AV materials, subscriptions to thousands of streaming videos and access to millions of items, including e-books, via the Orbis Cascades Alliance consortium. COCC students, faculty and staff are also able to check out technology like laptops, iPads, cameras and Kindles. The Library is a selective depository for U.S. federal documents.

Current, credit-enrolled COCC students, faculty and staff can access the Library’s electronic resources 24/7 from off campus locations. Besides the rich collection of information resources, research help is available to all patrons in person, on the phone, by email and by chat. Barber Library has an active instructional program for the development of information literacy skills, including the offering of credit courses, information literacy sessions via other courses and research support services such as Book-A-Librarian.

COCC is a member in the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a consortium of academic libraries in the Northwest that provides services such as Summit borrowing and database licensing opportunities. Current, credit-enrolled students, faculty and staff of COCC may search for and place requests on more than 30 million Summit items accessible via the library’s main webpage. Materials are delivered for pickup at the Library circulation desk or COCC campus of their choice within a few working days.

The Library’s information commons has 40+ computers and wireless access is available throughout the building for students, faculty and staff, as well as community patrons and campus visitors. Group study rooms, designated quiet study areas and comfortable seating provide students plenty of options for the perfect study space.

Each year the Barber Library hosts art exhibitions in the Rotunda Gallery, as well as a few literary events.


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion promotes the development of a respectful and inclusive campus community by sponsoring cultural events, educational programs, and trainings.

The Multicultural Center, located in Room 217, Coats Campus Center, fosters cross-cultural understanding and respect by providing a welcoming setting for learning, sharing and connection. For more information, contact the director of diversity and inclusion  at 541-383-7412 or visit the Diversity and Inclusion website.

Native American Program

The Native American program focuses on the recruitment and retention of Native American and Alaska Native students. The program coordinator offers students individual support as they navigate the varied aspects of college. As the advisor to the First Nations Student Union club, the coordinator supports club members by assisting with scholarships, helping to plan Native American Heritage Month activities, as well as organizing the annual Salmon Bake.

For more information, contact the Native American program coordinator at 541-318-3782 or visit the Native American program website.

The Good Road is a college preparation program for Native American high school students. The goal of The Good Road is to encourage Native American youth to graduate from high school and to pursue higher education, and ultimately, to obtain a rewarding career and contribute to their communities. The program offers a dynamic curriculum that integrates leadership, college preparation and culturally relevant themes for Native American students.

For more information, contact the The Good Road program coordinator at 541-330-4369 or visit the Native American program website.

Network Account

The student network account is a free account that permits students to connect to the College’s computer network system. Once logged on to COCC computers, users will find their personal folder (identified with their name) on the desktop. Each folder contains 200 MB of space students can use for storage. Students are responsible for reading and adhering to COCC’s Acceptable Use of Technology Resources policy.

Public Transportation

Cascades East Transit (CET) offers local transit service throughout the region for the general public. For more information visit the Cascades East Transit website.

COCC offers a discount bus pass program. Students can purchase a monthly regional or a monthly community connector pass at a discounted rate. Passes may be purchased at the Information Desk located in Boyle Education Center. Passes are also available at the Redmond, Madras and Prineville campuses. For more information about the discount program, please call Student Life at 541-383-7590.

Services for Students with Disabilities

COCC strives to make available to all students the opportunity for an excellent and rewarding education. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 provide federal guidelines which help the College ensure equal access to students with qualifying, documented disabilities at all of its campuses and Community Learning locations. COCC is committed to making physical facilities and instructional programs accessible to all students. Awareness of students’ needs and goals helps to create an atmosphere in which learning and growth can occur. Faculty and staff are encouraged to refer students for consultation and determination of eligibility. For more information, visit the Services for Students with Disabilities website or visit the office in the lower level of the Barber Library.

Student Life

Participation in campus activities beyond the classroom is encouraged in order to complement college academic programs and to enhance the educational experiences of students. Through exposure to and participation in intellectual, vocational, cultural, recreational and social programs, students may explore their potential as individuals and develop meaningful relationships with others. For more information, contact the Office of Student Life in the Coats Campus Center, 541-383-7590 or visit the student life website.

Study Abroad

The College seeks to provide opportunities for students to study abroad while earning COCC transfer credit. Visit the study abroad website for specific offerings.

Current programs include:

  • Fall Quarter in Barcelona. Students experience Spanish life, language and culture while living and studying in bilingual Barcelona, the heart of Catalonia. Students live in shared apartments among other international students, while enjoying a seaside temperate climate in the home of Gaudi’s fanciful art and architecture.
  • Other programs may be announced, so please check the study abroad website for updates.

For questions about COCC’s Study Abroad program, contact Sara Henson, 541-330-4357,


COCC contracts with the National Student Clearinghouse for transcript orders. You can request official or unofficial transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse, or by submitting the COCC transcript request form either by email, mail or fax to Admissions and Records. The National Student Clearing House link, the Transcript Request form, and additional information can be found on the transcript request webpage
Processing Fees

National Student Clearinghouse                                 $7 per transcript
COCC Transcript Request Form                                $7 per transcript

Transcript Request Notices

  • Transcripts may be requested in advance and held until after grades and/or degrees are posted.
  • For OSU-Cascades Campus students, official transcripts will be available between COCC and OSU-Cascades at no charge to the student.
  • Current students may view unofficial transcripts at no cost in their Bobcat Web Account. Former students will need to use the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • Non-credit transcripts can only be requested using the Transcript Request Form.
  • Transcripts will not be processed during the first week of term.
  • COCC reserves the right to withhold transcripts from students who are in debt to the institution.

Tutoring and Testing Center

A popular student support service, the Tutoring and Testing Center is located in the lower level of the Barber Library. Math tutoring is in the Barber Library and on the northern campuses. Science tutoring occurs in the Science Hall in Bend and on the Redmond campus. The Writing Center is in the lower level of the Library, and writing tutors are located on all four campuses. World Languages tutoring is in Ochoco Hall. Tutoring schedules and hours of operation are on the tutoring and testing website. Proctored testing is available at the Bend campus, and to a more limited degree on the Redmond, Madras and Prineville campuses.


Tutoring services are free to COCC students for the courses in which they are currently enrolled. Drop-in tutoring is available for math, writing, sciences, world languages, business administration, computer science and the social sciences, as well as Career and Technical Education subjects. Tutoring is conducted on both an individual and a group basis. Tutor-led study groups are also an option for science and calculus classes. Resources include printed materials, textbooks, computers and graphing calculators. Science tutoring is held primarily in the Science building, room 130. The Writing Center encourages students to bring in their writing assignments for one-on-one help with any stage of the writing process. Online tutoring is available through the Western eTutoring Consortium and accessed via the department’s website.


The COCC Testing Center is a regional testing center serving a diverse constituency of students and community members. A charter member of the Consortium of College Testing and a certified PearsonVUE, Certiport and CLEP site, the Testing Center’s mission is to provide opportunities for Central Oregonians to obtain academic, professional and standardized testing locally. GED testing for the region is also available via the PearsonVUE Testing Center on the Redmond campus in Building 1 and in the Bend campus testing center. For a current list of tests offered, visit the COCC Tutoring and Testing Center’s website. For more information about tutoring and testing services, contact the Tutoring and Testing Center at 541-383-7539.

Outside of

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