AH 108 : Clinical Phlebotomy for Medical Assistants

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Clinical Phlebotomy for MA



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Department approval.

Course Description

Introduces basic venipuncture and skin puncture techniques as well as proper specimen-handling procedures. Covers the preparation and training to function as an internal member in the ambulatory clinical lab care setting.

Course learning outcomes

1. Perform blood collection by venipuncture and skin puncture to obtain high quality specimens for clinical laboratory analysis.
2. Demonstrate collection processes of blood specimens in a safe manner and according to laboratory protocol.

Content outline

  • Infection control and safety
  • Outpatient setting
  • Inpatient setting
  • Venipuncture
  • Lab tests
  • Order of draw
  • Equipment-tubes and supplies
  • Capillary specimens
  • Specimen handling and processing- transporting procedures

Required materials

Textbook is required

Outside of

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