AH 111 : Medical Terminology I

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Medical Terminology I



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Covers terminology pertaining to medical term construction, body structure, integumentary, hematopoietic/lymph, cardiovascular, oncology, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems. Includes standard abbreviations, anatomic, diagnostic, symptomatic and operative terms related to these body systems. Students (online and face-to-face) must pass a face-to-face written final exam at 70% or higher to pass this class. The overall grade parameter to pass this class is "C" (75%) or higher.

Learning outcomes

1. Distinguish the elements of medical terms (prefixes, roots, suffixes)
2. Distinguish medical terms, synonyms, and lay terms
3. Identify terms associated with operative, x-ray, and laboratory procedures
4. Interpret standard medical abbreviations
5. Detect the meaning of unfamiliar medical terms through analysis of their elements
6. Accurately spell medical terms
7. Understand the order of method and exactness of medical terminology
8. Strive for accuracy in the use of medical terminology

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