AH 111 : Medical Terminology

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Medical Terminology



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Course Description

Covers terminology pertaining to medical term construction, body structure, body systems, surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory tests. Includes standard abbreviations, anatomic, diagnostic, symptomatic, and surgical terms related to these body systems.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply suffixes, roots, and prefixes of selected words and abbreviations as they relate to medical terms and healthcare professions.
2. Identify terms associated with surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory tests.
3. Interpret standard medical abbreviations.
4. Analyze the exact meaning of medical terms by segmenting out component parts.

Content outline

  1. Word-building rules, prefixes, suffixes
  2. Whole body terms
  3. Integumentary System
  4. Radiologic and diagnostic imaging
  5. Skeletal system
  6. Muscles and joints
  7. Blood and lymphatic system
  8. Cardiovascular system
  9. Respiratory system
  10. Pharmacology
  11. Nervous system
  12. Digestive system
  13. Endocrine system
  14. Urinary system
  15. Male reproductive systems
  16. Female reproductive systems
  17. Obstetric terminology
  18. Child health
  19. Mental health
  20. Gerontology

Required materials

Required textbook, reliable access to high speed internet, reliable access to computer, and portable storage device (i.e. USB drive).

Outside of

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