AH 150 : Phlebotomy

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Recommended preparation

HHP 212A.

Course Description

Collect and process blood specimens in a simulated technical laboratory setting. Evaluates and assesses students' technical skill, safety, and patient care. Prepares students to sit for National Healthcare Association or National Certified Phlebotomy Technician Certification exam.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate blood collection by venipuncture and skin puncture to obtain high quality specimens for clinical laboratory analysis: psychomotor skill.
2. Make informed judgments about phlebotomy practice in a clinical setting: cognitive skill.
3. Model teamwork through cooperation, courtesy, respect and sensitivity toward others while recognizing opportunities to improve quality, safety and productivity of phlebotomy practices for best patient outcomes: affective skill.

Content outline

  1. Duties and responsibilities
  2. Certification and professionalism
  3. Patient-client interaction *lab
  4. Infection control and safety (NCPT essential knowledge base) *lab
  5. Safety and first aid (NCPT essential knowledge base) *lab
  6. Clinical lab departments (NCPT essential knowledge base)
  7. Outpatient setting
  8. Inpatient setting
  9. Anatomy and physiology *lab
  10. The circulatory system-pathology and disorders (NCPT essential knowledge base)
  11. Medical terminology
  12. Patient identification assessment and preparation (NCPT essential knowledge base) *lab
  13. Venipuncture introduction- procedure *lab
  14. Lab tests
  15. Order of draw (NCPT essential knowledge base) *lab
  16. Equipment-tubes and supplies *lab
  17. Preanalytical considerations (NCPT essential knowledge base)
  18. Capillary specimens *lab
  19. Special collections *lab
  20. Point of care (POC)/quality assurance (NCPT essential knowledge base) *lab
  21. Specimen handling and processing- transporting procedures (NCPT essential knowledge base) *lab
  22. Specimen handling and processing- transporting procedures (NCPT essential knowledge base) *lab
  23. Non-blood collection procedure (NCPT essential knowledge base) *lab
  24. Arterial puncture *lab
  25. Pediatrics *lab
  26. Geriatrics
  27. Mental health
  28. Outpatient setting *lab
  29. Inpatient setting *lab

Required materials

  • Textbook is required.

Outside of

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