ANTH 235 : Evolution of Human Sexuality

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Evol. of Human Sexuality



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ANTH 234.

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Examines the complex interplay between culture and biology in human sexual behavior with particular attention to anatomy and physiology as traits that have evolved from our primate and mammalian ancestors. Focus will be on theoretical issues in evolution and the implications of these theoretical models on human behavior. Topics include human mating systems across cultures, sexual selection, reproduction, physiological and hormonal processes, as well as the non-reproductive aspects of human sexuality and the physiological and hormonal processes of sexuality.

Course learning outcomes

1. Discuss the evolutionary processes that have shaped human behavior.
2. Define the behavioral and morphological adaptations acquired via natural selection have shaped human sexuality.
3. List the benefits and limitations of primate and mammal relatives as models for human behavior.
4. Explain the differences between males and females and the biological and evolutionary factors that have created those differences.
5. Develop testable hypotheses that adequately address questions surrounding human behavior.

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  • Science not Lab

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