ANTH 236 : The Primates: Behavior and Evolution

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The Primates



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ANTH 234.

Course Description

Examines the diversity of species within the primate order, ranging from the pygmy mouse lemurs of Madagascar to the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. Explores how primate behaviors related to sociality, reproduction, communication, competition, cooperation, and culture have evolved. As primates ourselves, studying primate behavior is essential to better comprehend the evolution of our own behavioral repertoire and assess our branch on the tree of life.

Course learning outcomes

1. Evaluate the evolutionary processes that have shaped primate morphology and behavior.
2. Describe the variation in primate intelligence, communications, reproduction, and social behavior.
3. Assess the use of our primate and mammal relatives as models for human behavior.
4. Critique hypotheses that address questions surrounding primate and human evolution.

Content outline

  1. Survey of the primate order with an emphasis on biogeography
  2. Primate ecology
  3. Primate social organization
  4. Reproduction
  5. Primate competition and aggression
  6. Primate cooperation
  7. Primate communication
  8. Primate intelligence
  9. Primate culture
  10. Primate conservation

Required materials

Materials will be provided via course web page (Blackboard).

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science not Lab

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