APR 100 : Trade Skills Fundamentals

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Trade Skills Fundamentals



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Course Description

Introduces basic construction and maintenance skills used in various crafts and on skilled trade job sites. Examines concepts in safety. Covers use of trade vocabulary, math, hand and power tools, blueprint reading, basic rigging, and material handling. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Employ safety protocols, equipment, and hazard management on job sites.
2. Perform basic construction math calculations to develop cut lists, layout, material takeoffs and carry out other basic construction trade tasks.
3. Identify basic construction hand tools and use them with proficiency.
4. Identify basic construction power tools and use them with proficiency.
5. Measure material for cutting to length, layout locations of building elements in the field verify as-built measurements in the field.
6. Read construction drawings to create layout of building elements in the field, create cut lists and do material takeoffs.
7. Identify basic construction materials/fasteners and install them per construction drawings and manufacturer recommendations.
8. Identify phases of construction and the skilled labor tasks applicable to each phase completed towards a scheduled substantial completion.
9. Perform safe and efficient construction material handling tasks to limit jobsite hazards, personal injury and material damage.

Content outline

  1. Basic Safety
  2. Introduction to Construction Math
  3. Introduction to Hand Tools
  4. Introduction to Power Tools
  5. Introduction to Basic Rigging
  6. Introduction to Materials Handling

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