APR 104 : Elec/Mfg Plant 4 - Commercial Wiring

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MPE 4 - Commercial Wiring



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Course Description

Course content includes industrial plans and site work, substations, panel boards and feeders, wire tables, determining conductor size, motors, controllers, ventilating, system protection, site lighting hazards, programmable logic controllers, and the National Electric Code as it applies to these topics. This course will be taught in a lecture/lab format, with labs to include hands-on PLC programming and ladder logic development.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply theory and techniques of commercial circuitry to typical applications in the trade.
2. Explain and practice safety as applied to the course content.
3. Demonstrate skill in reading blueprints and specification sheets of the course required circuits.
4. Read and interpret electrical blueprints along with their specifications to industrial wiring circuits.
5. Relate the theory and application of programmable logic controllers.
6. Interpret the National Electrical Code requirements as they apply to the subject matter of this course.

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