APR 116C : Carpenter II

Transcript title

Carpenter II



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APR 115.

Course Description

Covers techniques for reading and interpreting construction drawings and written specifications. Includes the application of information from construction drawings to create quantity takeoffs. Describes procedures for laying out and constructing commonly used floor systems.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply construction drawings to carpentry tasks.
2. Construct and install floor systems.
3. Apply building codes to construction drawings and floor systems.

Content outline

  1. Construction drawings, specifications, and layout
  2. Plan, section, detail and elevation view drawings
  3. Building information modeling, Construction Specification Institute MasterFormat
  4. Materials estimation for wall framing, takeoff introduction
  5. Soil types
  6. Floor and framing systems
  7. Building codes (international, state, local)

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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