APR 116E : Exterior/Interior Specialist II

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Exterior/Interior Spec II



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APR 115.

Course Description

Provides overview of the materials and techniques used in building residential and commercial buildings, wood and steel-framed structures, masonry construction, and concrete-formed structures. Covers planning processes preceding start of work on a construction site including environmental considerations, personnel issues, access roads, traffic control, permits, site safety, utilities, and crane-related concerns.

Course learning outcomes

1. Install a building envelope system for commercial construction.
2. Apply information from commercial construction drawings.
3. Install insulation.
4. Apply pre-construction planning, site preparation, and site safety.

Content outline

  1. Orientation to commercial construction: steel framing, masonry construction, concrete-formed structures.
  2. Installation of building envelope components: windows, exterior doors, skylights
  3. Planning procedures for site preparation: environmental concerns, access roads, traffic control, permits, site safety, utilities, crane-related concerns
  4. Insulation installation in walls, floors, attics

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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