APR 118C : Carpenter III

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Carpenter III



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APR 116C.

Course Description

Explains the identification of components of wall systems, procedures for laying out wood-frame walls, and how to estimate material needs for framing techniques in different wall systems. Recognizes and identifies components of joist and roof framing and sheathing.

Course learning outcomes

1. Calculate material needed based on blueprints.
2. Construct wall systems and ceiling joists.
3. Frame various roofs.
4. Meet or exceed all building codes.

Content outline

  1. Wood-frame wall assembly, erection, bracing, sheathing
  2. Ceiling joist components, assembly, installation
  3. Roof types, components, rafter construction
  4. Roof construction tools, speed square, rafter square
  5. Erecting gable roofs, gable end walls, sheathing gables
  6. Roof trusses, construction, installation, sheathing
  7. Estimating roof materials, creating a roofing takeoff

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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