APR 120C : Carpenter IV

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Carpenter IV



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APR 118C.

Course Description

Covers types of stairways, components associated with stairs, terms used in stair framing, and common building code requirements related to stairs. Describes how to determine the specifications of a stairway and the process to lay out and cut stair components. Explains the concepts of a building envelope, components, and installation techniques.

Course learning outcomes

1. Install all components of basic stair systems.
2. Install a building envelope system for commercial and residential buildings.
3. Install roofing for commercial and residential buildings.
4. Identify and repair improperly installed components of a building envelope.
5. Meet or exceed all building codes.

Content outline

  1. Basic stair systems and building codes related to stairs
  2. Estimating material and takeoff for stair systems
  3. Stair layout, assembly, erection
  4. Building envelope systems and components
  5. Installation of building envelope components: windows, exterior doors, skylights
  6. Prepare roof deck
  7. Roofing installation

Required materials

Textbook is required.

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