APR 120E : Exterior/Interior Specialist IV

Transcript title

Exterior/Interior Spec IV



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APR 118E.

Course Description

Covers intermediate techniques for reading and using architectural and structural blueprints and specifications. Covers materials, layout, and installation procedures for many types of suspended ceilings used in commercial construction as well as ceiling tiles, drywall suspension systems, and pan-type ceilings.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply architectural and structural blueprint specifications to commercial structures.
2. Install suspended ceiling systems.

Content outline

  1. Construction drawings and components, symbols for civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing/piping, electrical, fire protection
  2. Building information modeling software
  3. Commercial construction suspended ceilings, ceiling tiles, drywall suspension systems, pan-type ceilings

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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