APR 121C : Carpenter V

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Carpenter V



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APR 120C.

Course Description

Covers working with insulation, drywall components, assembly and insulation. Recognize installation techniques for doors and hardware and safety hazards in door and window installation. Covers layout and install procedures for base, wall and other cabinets.

Course learning outcomes

1. Install various types of insulation in walls, floors, attics safely.
2. Install drywall on walls and ceilings.
3. Install various types of doors with various types of hardware.
4. Install vapor barriers and waterproofing materials.
5. Install basic wall cabinets, base, and countertops.

Content outline

  1. Thermal and moisture protection, insulation
  2. Drywall installation, fastening devices, fire and sound ratings for drywall
  3. Doors and door hardware, installation in wood-framed, steel-framed, and masonry walls; metal and wood doors, folding doors, pocket doors
  4. Vapor and waterproofing barriers
  5. Cabinet installation, baseboards, countertops
  6. Roof trusses, construction, installation, sheathing
  7. Estimating roof materials, creating a roofing takeoff

Required materials

Textbook is required.

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