APR 121E : Exterior/Interior Specialist V

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Exterior/Interior Spec V



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APR 120E.

Course Description

Describes types and grades of steel framing and provides instructions for selecting and installing steel framing for interior walls, exterior non-bearing walls, and partitions. Covers engineered framing systems.

Course learning outcomes

1. Install steel framing for exterior and interior walls.
2. Identify engineered steel framing systems.
3. Demonstrate steel erection safety practices.
4. Meet or exceed building codes.
5. Differentiate cold-formed steel from structural steel components.

Content outline

  1. Cold-formed steel framing, types, grades, interior and exterior walls, load and non-load bearing walls
  2. Steel erection, controlled decking zones, hazardous materials, equipment precautions, tool safety, steel-specific personal protective equipment
  3. Steel framing systems, columns, and steel beam framing patterns
  4. Steel partitioning and cladding

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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