APR 122C : Carpenter VI

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Carpenter VI



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APR 121C.

Course Description

Encompasses components and installation of exterior finishing materials. Covers accurate estimation of material needs. Includes how to identify and mitigate safety hazards. Examines cold-form framing, its tools, installation method, applications, and safety procedures.

Course learning outcomes

1. Install various types of siding.
2. Erect and install interior and exterior steel framing.
3. Identify load-bearing wall structures.
4. Erect and install various types of steel framed walls and partitions.

Content outline

  1. Exterior finishing, wood, metal, vinyl, fiber-cement siding
  2. Exterior fascia and soffits
  3. Cold-formed steel framing, types, grades, selection, installation, interior, exterior walls, load-bearing, and non-bearing walls
  4. Intermediate steel wall and partition construction: basic wall systems in Carpenter III

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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