APR 122M : Metering Fundamentals II

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Metering Fundamentals II



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Course Description

This course is designed to instruct second year Meterperson Apprentices on the graphic representation of system parameters (i.e. currents voltages) and various transformer line-ups that create those parameters. Apprentices learn how to apply mathematical and vectoral approaches for deriving the values of Real, Apparent and Reactive Power in a electrical service. Additionally they learn about instrument rated three phase metering and refining what they have already learned about self-contained three phase metering.

Course learning outcomes

1. Student will accurately perform power calculations using phasors.
2. Student will calculate various power values mathematically.
3. Student will compare mathematical results to vecotrial calculations.
4. Student will identify, install and know proper applications for all three phase instrument rated meters. (5s,6s,8s,9s)

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