APR 216E : Exterior/Interior Specialist VIII

Transcript title

Exterior/Interior Spec VIII



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APR 215E.

Course Description

Describes proper methods for selecting, cutting, and fastening trim for professional finished appearance. Covers installation of a variety of finishing materials, including concrete masonry units and brick. Includes installation of curtain walls and fire-rated commercial construction.

Course learning outcomes

1. Install interior trim.
2. Install various masonry materials.
3. Identify standard and fire-rated curtain walls.
4. Differentiate between types of glazing for curtain walls.

Content outline

  1. Interior finish moldings, base, chair-rail, casing, mitering, jointing
  2. Solid masonry, masonry veneer, brick, stone, concrete
  3. Curtain wall materials, aluminum, windows, fire-rated, unitized, stick

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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