APR 217E : Exterior/Interior Specialist IX

Transcript title

Exterior/Interior Spec IX



Grading mode

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APR 216E.

Course Description

Covers estimating, layout, and fabrication of interior and exterior soffits. Includes tools and installation methods, and safely working overhead. Covers the requirements, health considerations, and construction of a clean room.

Course learning outcomes

1. Install various type of soffits.
2. Demonstrate safe working practices for working overhead.
3. Identify components for constructing a clean room.

Content outline

  1. Interior and exterior soffits, cost estimating, layout, fabrication, installation, ledgers, lookouts, fascia boards, cornices
  2. Safety procedures and personal protection for working overhead, tools, personal protective equipment, physical considerations
  3. Clean room requirements, health considerations, construction/installation techniques, dust, odor, various construction contamination, protocols, purpose, layout, maintenance

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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