APR 218E : Exterior/Interior Specialist X

Transcript title

Exterior/Interior Spec X



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APR 217E.

Course Description

Provides extensive coverage of the materials and techniques used in finishing wood staircases. Covers all phases of interior renovation – planning, estimating, layout, and scheduling.

Course learning outcomes

1. Install intermediate to advanced stairways and systems.
2. Describe considerations and work-process for interior renovation.
3. Meet or exceed all building codes.

Content outline

  1. Stairways and stair systems, wood, metal, concrete, closed to open, open/closed, tread types, prefabricated, elliptical, railings, landings
  2. Interior renovation, planning, estimating, layout, scheduling, installation to match existing finishes, tie-in of existing and new structural elements
  3. Building codes and permits for renovation or demolition

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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