APR 219C : Carpenter XI

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Carpenter XI



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APR 218C.

Course Description

Covers characteristics, types, and installation method for advanced roof structures. Covers installation of advanced wall systems and various finishing materials. Includes assessment of environmental concerns, site utilization plans, and safety measures when preparing a site.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe site preparation and planning to prepare a construction site.
2. Identify commercial roofing materials, structures, and installation procedures.
3. Install finishing materials, including concrete masonry units and brick.
4. Construct and install curtain walls and fire-rated commercial construction.

Content outline

  1. Site preparation and planning, environmental considerations, personnel, access roads, traffic control, permits, site safety, utilities, crane-related issues
  2. Advanced roof systems, commercial roofing materials and structures
  3. Installation procedures for lap seam, standing seam, and built-up roofs
  4. Advanced wall systems, installation of curtain walls, fire-rated commercial construction
  5. Installation of finishing materials for walls, concrete masonry units, brick

Required materials

Textbook is required.

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