APR 220E : Exterior/Interior Specialist XII

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Exterior/Interior Spec XII



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APR 219E.

Course Description

Describes procedures for erecting supported scaffolds. Covers fundamental crew leadership skills including leadership styles, communication, delegating, and problem solving.

Course learning outcomes

1. Construct secure supported scaffold systems.
2. Demonstrate professional competencies for crew leadership.
3. Differentiate between construction management and leadership.
4. Utilize rigging systems.

Content outline

  1. Crew leadership, organizational structures, DEI considerations, policies and procedures, professional competencies,communication, mentorship, decision making, safety, planning, scheduling, security
  2. Frame scaffold, fabricated frame, ladder jacks, mast climbers, pole or wood pole, pump jack, specialty
  3. Rigging equipment, use, inspection, slings, wire rope, chains, attaching hardware, sling angels, tuggers, jacks, hoists, ratchet-lever hoists, rigging practices

Required materials

Textbook is required.

Outside of

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