APR 231M : Metering Advanced I

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Metering Advanced I



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This course is designed to instruct third-year apprentices on the subject of advanced metering, including the following: history of metering (past, present and future), review of meter vectoring, polyphase vectoring, self-contained meters, instrument rated meters, instrument transformers (Current and Voltage) and their application. While learning about Primary metering and refining what they have already learned about instrument rated three phase metering.

Course learning outcomes

1. Student will understand instrument transformers.
2. Student will apply proper selection of self-contained and instrument rated meters, instrument transformers to meet customer and utility needs.
3. Student will demonstrate proper wiring and use of test switches for metering conductors.
4. Student will know the correct primary instrument transformer connections, including grounding of the mounting frame or underground enclosure used in primary metering.

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