APR 232M : Metering Advanced II

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Metering Advanced II



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This course is designed to instruct third-year Meterperson Apprentices on the subject of advance fundamentals of metering including: billing rates, demand metering, Kilovolt-Ampere-Reactance (KVAR) and Kilovolt Ampere (KVA) metering, special metering, net metering, and pulse metering (pulse weights, pulse initiation, and totalization). Additionally apprentices will learn about different types of meter test equipment, AMI/AMR, Telemetry and Smart grid.

Course learning outcomes

1. Student will identify and select the proper type of electrical meter to measure the customer’s use of electrical energy in accordance with the utilities rate structure.
2. Student will identify and describe pulse metering output (with the appropriate pulse weight for 2 and 3 wire systems)for customer monitoring use.
3. Student will use communication test equipment to diagnose meter communication problems.
4. Student will know the difference between AMI and AMR, and their function within the smart grid.

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