APR 243 : General Fabrication

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General Fabrication



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Course Description

This course is the study of the sheet metal trade as it is applied to general-needs metal work. The work studied is that outside of the traditional HVAC and architectural scope as studied in previous terms with a broader base of skills to be learned, such as custom, decorative and artistic finished products.

Course learning outcomes

1. Student will read and interpret building plans and drawings.
2. Student will work directly with the customer/owner on creative custom designs.
3. Student will understand the uses and availability of more modern, computer driven tools for layout and design.
4. Student will demonstrate the importance of proper measuring and foresight on the physical job site.
5. Student will prepare and utilize isometric sketching and detailed drawings for fabrication.
6. Student will demonstrate the advantages of using different seaming/welding processes to achieve certain outcomes or effects.
7. Student will use proper installation techniques and applications for projects that are more visible.
8. Student will demonstrate effective communication skills in dealing with owners and contractors in areas of design, scheduling, coordination, and consulting.
9. Student will understand the procedures of bidding work in this field.

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