ARH 208 : Art History: Non-Western

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Art History: Non-Western



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WR 065 or higher or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 7.

Course Description

A specialized survey of the art of Non-Western cultures around the world, from the Prehistoric past through the present day. This course will examine the artistic and cultural traditions of Islam , India, East Asia, the Pacific Islands, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Americas. The course will focus on understanding select works of art and architecture within their original cultural, religious, and historical contexts, and will contrast various Non-Western artistic philosophies and values with those of the Western world.

Course learning outcomes

1.Define the basic characteristics of form and content in the art produced by the peoples of the Islamic world, Sub-Saharan Africa, India, East Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Americas.
2.Recognize and identify major works of art and architecture from Islam , Sub-Saharan Africa, India, East Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Americas.
3.Develop a solid foundation of vocabulary and analytical skills for writing and speaking about Non-Western art.
4.Demonstrate an understanding of the complex relationship that exists between the visual arts and the social and cultural contexts of a particular location and time period.
5.Demonstrate an understanding of the persisting influence of Non-Western styles and concepts in the modern Western world.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Cultural Literacy
  • Arts and Letters

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