ARH 269 : Design and Illustration History

Transcript title

Design Illustration History



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Lecture hours


Recommended preparation

WR 065 or higher or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 7.

Course Description

Introduces history of graphic design and illustration as a form of visual communication.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify major work and movements in design and illustration history.
2. Use accurate vocabulary and language of the visual arts.
3. Explain the relationships between art and society within their historical, social, cultural, and philosophical contexts.
4. Identify the methods, techniques, and materials used by designers and illustrators to create their work.
5. Summarize important design and illustration contributions to the evolution of Western art and culture.

Content outline

  1. Formal analysis overview of design history
    1. Medieval letterforms and book formats
    2. Modern typography
    3. Civil and military information campaigns
  2. Formal analysis overview of illustration history
    1. The Revolution and Civil War illustrations to the turn of the century publishing
    2. The Golden Age of Illustration and the Howard Pyle's Brandywine School
    3. World War I and II political illustrations
    4. The rise of advertising and editorial illustrations
    5. The graphic novel, children's books, and contemporary applications of illustration

Required materials

Materials provided at no cost. 

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Human Relations
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Arts and Letters

Outside of

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