ART 158B1 : Jewelry - Casting I

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Jewelry - Casting I



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Course Description

An introduction to centrifugal lost wax casting process. Additive and subtractive methods will be used to sculpt small-scale wax models, which will be sprued, invested and cast.

Course learning outcomes

1. Use the steps of creative problem solving to produce cast metal objects.
2. Apply basic skills necessary to create wax models for the casting process.
3. Evidence skills necessary to sprue, invest and cast basic wax models into metal.
4. Evidence a beginning level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in finished work.
5. Combine design elements, unifying principles of design, and compositional strength in the development of assigned projects.
6. Interpret your work and critically asses the work of others.
7. Engage consistently in safe studio practices related to the casting process.

Content outline

  1. Principles of design appropriate for casting
  2. Studio safety
  3. Materials/tools (wax types, properties, carving tools)
  4. Wax carving and building techniques
  5. Spruing the wax model
  6. Determining the amount of metal necessary to cast the wax model
  7. Investing process (investment, vacuum degassing)
  8. Mold burnout schedule
  9. Centrifugal casting
  10. Clean up and finishing of cast model

Required materials

See syllabus for complete materials list.

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