ART 159A1 : Metalwork & Jewelry - Forming I

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Metalwork/Jewelry-Forming I



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Recommended preparation

ART 157A1.

Course Description

Students will make non-ferrous metal projects which include a third dimension. The projects can be fabricated jewelry, containers, or small-scale sculpture made using folding, scoring, chasing and repousse, or other metalworking techniques used to form sheet metal. Projects may include the use of hot and/or cold connections and non-metal materials.

Course learning outcomes

1. Understand and develop a visual vocabulary.
2. Learn the working qualities of metal, using heat, hammers and various tools.
3. Reinforce techniques and skills of good craftsmanship to completed jewelry projects and course assignments.
4. Effectively generate, consider and evaluate problems in jewelry.
5. Reinforce constructive critiques of jewelry projects using language appropriate to the domain and course themes.

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