ART 159C1 : Metal Arts: Enameling

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Metal Arts: Enameling



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ART 157.

Course Description

Explores the use of color in various metals through the application of enameling techniques and processes. Repeatable for credit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply enamel to metals using sifting and wet packing.
2. Demonstrate skills necessary to fuse enamel to various metals.
3. Create detailed designs with high levels of craftsmanship.
4. Use media-specific terminology to receive and provide feedback.

Content outline

  1. Developing colorful enamels on various metals
  2. Fusing enamel to metal
  3. Enamel tools and techniques
  4. Constructive critiques: receiving and giving feedback between instructor and classmates

Required materials

Students will need to provide specific materials used in this course, please see the syllabus for a detailed list.

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