ART 190 : Figurative Clay Sculpture

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Figurative Clay Sculpture



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ART 131 and ART 154.


Introduction to modeling the human form in clay from clothed and unclothed models using traditional additive and subtractive processes. Historical treatments of the figure and contemporary approaches will be referenced.

Learning outcomes

1. Manipulate a quantity of clay into a likeness of the human form using basic sculpture and ceramic techniques.
2. Create a realistic likeness of the human head by manipulating a clay cylinder using compression, stretching, and addition.
3. Identify from examples distinct historical stylistic treatments of the human form.
4. Be able to create a likeness of the human form in a distinct historical style using clay.
5. Analyze a figurative sculpture in terms of the design continuum.
6. Draw a likeness of the human form from a live model.
7. Use a drawing from a live model as a reference in creating a 3-dimensional likeness of the human form.
8. Create drawings from reproductions of examples of distinct historical treatments of the human form.
9. Identify historic styles in the work of contemporary sculptors of the human form.

Content outline

1. Proportions of the human figure
2. Basic anatomy
3. Methods of hand building figurative sculpture in clay
4. Safe handling of dry clay and glaze materials
5. Historical and contemporary perspectives in figurative sculpture

Required materials

Students will need to provide specific materials used in this course, please see the syllabus for a detailed list.

Grading methods

Grading will be based on participation in labs, discussions and critiques of completed assignments and evidenced development of technical and conceptual skills.

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