ART 197 : Portfolio Development

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Portfolio Development



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Course Description

Develop visual art portfolio. Create resume and other career search materials. Review art school requirements and career pathways. Includes practical experience in art exhibitions and interviews. Developed body of art work suggested for the course.

Course learning outcomes

1. Create a professional, individualized art portfolio and employment documents.
2. Use appropriate media to document artwork.
3. Research local and regional job, exhibition, and/or scholarship opportunities.

Content outline

  1. Individualized visual art portfolio including artist bio and statement
  2. Photographing and formatting artwork images for portfolio
  3. Prepare art for exhibition
  4. Gallery show preparation, installation, promotion, reception, and de-installation
  5. Resume and curriculum vitae
  6. Prepare submissions for various applications (art school, scholarships, career, residency)
  7. Self-promotion using various platforms
  8. Interview using the portfolio

Required materials

Students will need to provide specific materials used in this course, please see the syllabus for a detailed list.

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