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Art Portfolio Creation



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Prepares students for the business and professional art world. Create both digital and hard-copy portfolios while learning about public relations, marketing, promoting, business guidelines, time management, contracts, presentations, goal setting, long-term inspiration and commitment to their craft, as well as exhibition hanging, timelines and reception set-ups. Review art school requirements and learn how to fill out applications for art schools, residencies, grants and art scholarships. Includes practical experience in art exhibitions in the Pence Gallery at Pinckney Center.

Learning outcomes

1. Develop and create a professional and individualized Art Portfolio, including cover letters, applications, bios, vitae, artist statement and photography.
2. Knowledge of current art world climate, and opportunities.
3. Understanding the necessary steps of the Ladder of Success as an artist.
4. Knowledge and preparation as an emerging artist capable of successful career management. Inspiration and encouragement for each artist.
5. Improved skill levels in business management for art careers, including planning strategies, Public Relations, marketing, promoting, business guidelines and time management, contacts, media lists and presentations of art portfolios and artwork.
6. Informed in exhibition set up, framing and hanging work, insurance, and copyright of art images.
7. Introduction to online portfolio design and set-up, and website resources.
8. Knowledge of art school requirements and how to complete applications for art schools, residencies, grants and art scholarships.
9. Written account of personal process relating to a life and career as an artist, and the development and benefits of the Art Portfolio.

Content outline

1. Professional and individualized art portfolio
2. Cover letters
3. Applications
4. Bios and vitae
5. Artist statement
6. Photography
7. Career management
8. Inspiration and encouragement for each artist
9. Business management for art careers, including planning strategies, public relations, marketing, promoting and business guidelines
10. Time management
11. Exhibition set up
12. Framing and hanging work
13. Insurance and copyright of art images
14. Website resources
15. Art school requirements
16. Residencies, grants and art scholarships

Required materials

Students will need to provide specific materials used in this course, please see the syllabus for a detailed list.

Grading methods

Grading is based on participation in labs, discussions and critiques of completed assignments and the development of critiques and ideas demonstrated in portfolio reviews.

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