ART 266 : Ceramics: Raku

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Ceramics: Raku



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Recommended preparation

ART 121 or ART 122.

Course Description

Introduces basic hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques, glazing, and firing processes for raku firing ceramics. Includes presentation of historical, cultural, and contemporary trends in raku fired ceramics. Repeatable for credit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify characteristics of clay for raku firing: colors, maturing temperatures, shrinkage, and plasticity.
2. Practice safe handling and use of the raw materials associated with raku fired ceramics.
3. Apply appropriate steps to create a well-crafted ceramic form from clay.
4. Glaze bisque-ware safely for raku firing.
5. Recognize and correct flaws in hand-built ceramic construction.
6. Demonstrate safety protocols and processes when raku firing.
7. Use media-specific terminology to receive and provide feedback.

Content outline

  1. Raku-fired ceramics vocabulary
  2. Strategies for developing bowl, vase, and vessel forms using hand building and wheel throwing techniques
  3. Application of 3D textures on clay form surfaces
  4. Understand and apply raku glazes and glaze firing techniques
  5. Raku-fired ceramics
  6. Constructive critiques: receiving, and giving feedback between instructor and classmates

Required materials

Students will need to provide specific materials used in this course, please see the syllabus for a detailed list.

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