ART 297PV : Capstone Project: Digital Photo/Video

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Capstone: Digital Photo/Video



Grading mode

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ART 265.

Recommended preparation

ART 267.

Course Description

Provides advanced, individualized development in digital photography and/or video production. Provides opportunity for in-depth concept, research, development, and final presentation of long-term project. Repeatable for credit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Create a portfolio-quality digital photography or video project.
2. Write a concept statement for the project.
3. Prepare artwork for print and/or digital media display.
4. Use media-specific terminology when receiving and providing feedback.

Content outline

  1. Concept and timeline for project deliverables
  2. Project research, references, and strategy
  3. Present work in progress to class and instructor for feedback throughout the term
  4. Prepare finished project for presentation (concept statement, printing, formatting, displays, etc.) depending on deliverables 
  5. Final presentation of project
  6. Provide constructive critique to classmates

Required materials

Digital Single Lens Reflex or Mirrorless camera with manual focus lens and exposure capabilities is required. Please see the syllabus for a detailed list of specific materials used in this course.

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