AUT 102 : Automotive Electric I

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Automotive Electric I



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AUT 101, AUT 106, AUT 107, AUT 110 and AUT 115.

Recommended preparation

MTH 060 or higher or minimum placement Math Level 10.


Covers Automotive Electrical Skills. Introduces the testing, diassembly, and rebuilding of various electrical equipment. Troubleshooting and using various test equipment common to the Automotive trade will be stressed. Introduces the use of automotive scan tools for basic diagnostics. Introduces the use of intrusive and non-intrusive testing methods.

Learning outcomes

1. Describe and apply OHM's law as it applies to automotive electrical systems including current flow, voltage drops, and electrical resistance measurements.
2. Perform battery testing and service.
3. Perform service on automotive electrical system components.
4. Diagnosis problems of electrical components using a Scan Tool.
5. Demonstrate the use of an amperage clamp and digital multi-meter to determine circuit current draw on an active electrical circuit.
6. Diagnose problems of an isolated circuit using a Power Probe Tool.
7. Demonstrate proper and safe work habits and procedures when exposed to electrical circuits.

Content outline

• Electrical Fundamentals
• Electrical Circuits and Ohms’s law
• Series, Parallel, and Series/Parallel circuits
• Circuit Testers and Digital Meters
• Automotive Wiring and Wire Repair
• Wiring Schematics and Circuit Testing
• Batteries
• Battery Testing and Service
• Parasitic Battery Drain
• Capacitance and Capacitors
• Magnetism and Electromagnetism
• Cranking Systems
• Cranking System Diagnosis and Service
• Charging System Operation and Diagnosis
• Lighting and Signaling Circuits
• Driver Information and Navigation Systems
• Horn, Wipers, and Blower Motor Circuits
• Accessory Circuits

Required materials

Required text book. Requires special gear, see syllabus for details.

Outside of

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