AUT 111 : Computerized Engine Controls

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Computerized Engine Controls



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AUT 205.


Studies advanced electrical systems found on late-model vehicles. Provides solid understanding of computerized automotive engine control systems and how they operate and the ability to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair computerized engine control systems.

Learning outcomes

1. Perform a thorough pre-diagnostic engine inspection.
2. Analyze vehicle performance with the On Board Diagnostic Systems.
3. Measure parameters of all input and output devises used within a computerized engine control system.
4. Analyze, diagnose, and repair computer-controlled engine systems using frequency, pulse width, voltage, resistance, current, and duty cycle to interpret engine control systems in relationship to time; engine speed; and air temperature, pressure, and volume.
5. Demonstrate safety standards in all work within and automotive shop environment and specifically with computer controls.

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