AUT 115 : College Success for Automotive Technology

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College Success for Auto Tech



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AUT 106.

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Course Description

Prepares students for successful completion of the Automotive Technology degree at COCC and explores careers as an automotive technician and professional. Offers a condensed version of the College Success course geared toward the two Automotive Technology degrees and/or the multiple Automotive Certificates. Introduces the various automotive information systems, hand tool usage, Scan Tool introduction, and resume preparation.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe COCC’s and the Automotive Technology Program’s policies on professional behavior, sexual harassment, and plagiarism.
2. Explain career and educational options in transportation and automotive technology.
3. Develop a curriculum plan.
4. Identify the options available to finance your education.
5. Describe the work experience and formal Cooperative Work Experience
requirement associated within Automotive Technology Program.
6. Describe the Automotive Technology Program’s policies on attendance, grading, studying, homework, and quality of work.
7. Create a resume for position in the automotive industry and post it on Linkedin.
8. Describe and assemble the information required for a job application in the automotive industry.
8. Demonstrate the use of a Scan Tool and describe its basic functions.
10. Identify basic tools used in the COCC Automotive Program.

Content outline

  1. Introduction/overview to program professionalism goals.
  2. Explore the opportunities that are open to each student in the vast automotive / transportation world environment.
  3. Develop a two to three year plan to accomplish educational and occupational goals.
  4. Develop a plan for educational funding and planning as the student starts their career.
  5. Co-operative work experience is a large component for career preparation. You will work with the AUT 216 co-operative work experience course pack to help with the preparation for a job interview.
  6. A clear understanding of the world of work and expectations by business owners to encourage the student / employee. Transferable skills as the student develops excellence in their college degree program and looks forward to great career opportunities.
  7. Build a resume that will be updated with the student's competencies acquired while in college.
  8. Learn the basic functions of vehicle interface devises (scan tool).
  9. Explore online information systems available for automotive service and repair.
  10. Tool acquisition and identification.

Required materials

Automotive course packet.

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