AUT 204 : Steering and Suspension

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Steering and Suspension



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AUT 101, AUT 106, AUT 107, AUT 110 and AUT 115.

Course Description

Designed to study and apply the theory, operation, diagnoses and repair of the modern suspension and steering systems.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the theory and operation of suspension and steering systems used in both domestic and import vehicles.
2. Diagnose and repair problems related to the suspension, steering, and tire pressure systems (TPMS).
3. Describe the function of computer enhanced suspension and steering systems.
4. Describe the relationship between alignment angles.
5. Describe tire construction and perform mounting, dismounting, repairing, and balancing of tires.
6. Communicate technical information verbally and in writing.
7. Describe and practice safety procedures while working in an automotive shop environment.

Content outline

1. Tires and Wheels 2. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems 3. Tire and Wheel Service 4. Wheel Alignment Principles 5. Alignment Diagnosis and Service 6. Suspension System Principles 7. Front Suspensions and Service 8. Rear Suspension and Service 9. Electronic Suspension System 10. Steering Column and Gears 11. Steering Linkage and Service 12. Power Assisted Steering Operation

Required materials

Requires textbook and special gear, see syllabus for details.

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