AUT 212 : ASE Test Prep II

Transcript title

ASE Test Prep II



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Lab hours


Recommended preparation

completion of two terms of Automotive Technology curriculum and WR 60.

Course Description

This self-paced, program-specific course allows the student to study in preparation for the ASE A6-A8 areas.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify student weakness in understanding in certain topic areas that will be included on ASE certification tests A6 – A8.
2. Research the topic area that shows weakness and write a paragraph describing the topic for each of the categories A6 – A8.
3. Perform the ASE practice test for each category A6 – A8 to prepare for the next available ASE certification test.

Content outline

  1. Electrical and Electronic Systems
  2. Heating and Air Conditioning
  3. Engine Performance

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