AV 101 : Introduction to Aviation

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Introduction to Aviation



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Course Description

This course introduces the student to the Federal Aviation Regulations/Aeronautical Information Manual (FAR/AIM). Designed to build an understanding of the pilot credentials required for a career in aviation and help students explore various career options. A variety of employment opportunities are investigated, including commercial, business, corporate, military and general aviation-related business. Emphasis will be given to careers in operations and flight technology. Airplane and helicopter pilot careers will be emphasized.

Course learning outcomes

1. Understand career options available to commercial rated pilots.
2. Understand the structure of the Federal Aviation Regulations.
3. Develop a working knowledge of the requirements for each pilot certificate/rating.
4. Comprehend safety issues related to general aviation.

Content outline

Aviation Careers Career Planning History of Aviation and FAA Aviation Terminology Federal Aviation Regulation Structure FAA Publications FAR/AIM Resource FFA Pilot Requirements Aviation Safety Accident Reporting

Required materials

Requires textbook and/or online learning materials.

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