AV 204 : Advanced Aircraft Systems

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Advanced Aircraft Systems



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Recommended preparation

AV 104.


Encompasses a detailed study of aircraft systems and structures and enables the student to progress into heavier, more complex single and multi-engine aircraft. Aircraft in current use by industry will be studied with an emphasis placed on operations, including emergencies. Applicable FAR and Minimum Equipment Lists, will be studied.

Learning outcomes

1. Define complex aircraft systems.
2. Describe the principles of operation of reciprocating and turbine engines.
3. Explain aircraft structures.
4. Demonstrate understanding of flight control systems, landing gear systems, fuel systems, electrical systems, and thrust augmentation.

Content outline

Principles of Electricity
Electrical Systems
Turbine Engines
Lubrication and Cooling Systems
Aircraft Propellers
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
Fuel Systems
Environmental Systems
Landing Gear Systems
Fire Protection Systems
Aerodynamic Control and Protection Systems

Required materials

Requires textbook and/or online learning materials.

Grading methods

This course is assessed through participation, homework, presentation, midterm exam, and a final exam.

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