AV 222K : Airplane Flight Lab

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Airplane Flight Lab



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Prerequisites with concurrency

AV 110 (or Private Pilot Certificate), AV 210 (or Instrument Certificate), AV 220 (or Commercial Pilot Certificate), AV 222A, AV 222B, AV 222C, AV 222D, AV 222E, AV 222F, AV 222G, AV 222I, AV 222J, AV 250 (or Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument Instructor Pilot Certificates) and instructor approval based on proof of valid Second Class (or higher) Medical Certificate.


AV 222K, AV 222H emphasize engine failure, multiengine aerodynamics, minimum controllable airspeed, propeller feathering, V-speeds, flight planning, decision-making, human factors and crew resource management. The completion of the associated flight labs will also insure compliance with Federal Aviation Administration flight hour and certification requirements.

Learning outcomes

1. Develop proficiency in flight maneuvers, normal operating procedures, and emergency procedures.
2. Demonstrate sufficient proficiency to advance to the next successive flight lab and/ or Federal Aviation Administration Certification.
3. Practice aeronautical decision-making skills, risk management, situational awareness, and single pilot resource management using real-time flight scenarios.
4. Accrue flight hours necessary to meet Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

Content outline

AV222K Airplane Flight Lab, Multi Engine Pilot (AV230)
Baron, Seminole
10 hrs. Pre/Post Instruction
20 hrs. Dual flight
Total Flight Hrs. =20 hrs. (1 credit)

Required materials

Requires textbook and/or online learning materials.

Grading methods

This course is assessed through oral, written, and practical examination.

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