AV 245 : Advanced Helicopter Operations

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Advanced Helicopter Operations



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Course Description

The course will address advanced helicopter operations in a ground school environment. Students will be introduced to operations of turbine helicopters. The mountain flying phase will provide students with a working knowledge of operations in and around mountainous terrain. The external load phase covers the basic skills of flying with an external longline attached to the aircraft. The night vision goggle (NVG) phase will introduce the student to a new realm of flying safely at night, and will be completed using an Internet based FAA approved Part 141 training syllabus and classroom instruction. Students will also be introduced to the unique aspect of overwater operations. NVG course licensing fee applies. See aviation program director for current course fee.

Course learning outcomes

1. Familiarize student with turbine aircraft and flight manual.
2. Maintain a continued growth in the helicopter industry with knowledge.
3. Learn the procedure of weather patterns in mountainous terrain.
4. Understand the importance of NVG training.
5. Learn the practical use of flying with an external load attached to the helicopter.

Content outline

  • Turbine Helicopter operations
  • Mountain Flying
  • External Load Operations
  • Over Water Operations
  • Night Vision Systems

Required materials

Internet access required.

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