AV 250 : Certified Flight Instructor-Airplane

Transcript title

CFI - Airplane



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Lecture hours



AV 210 (or Instrument Rating) and AV 220 (or Commercial Pilot Certificate).

Course Description

Provides the flight instructor applicant with fundamental concepts and practice for successful flight instruction at the recreational, private and commercial pilot level. Elements include fundamentals of instruction, developing lesson plans for private pilot and commercial pilot syllabus, designing curriculum, creating objective evaluation and grading criteria, and practical application in presenting technical material in an interactive classroom setting. Two FAA airman knowledge tests are required to obtain the CFI certificate, and a third is recommended. See Aviation Program director for current fees.

Course learning outcomes

1. Develop knowledge necessary to effectively communicate aviation subject matter.
2. Develop skills necessary to engage diverse student demographic in an instructional environment.
3. Demonstrate ability to produce individual aviation lesson plans.
4. Develop level of knowledge necessary to pass the FAA Fundamentals of Instruction and FAA Flight Instructor Written Exams.

Content outline

Fundamentals of Instruction Flight Instructor Critique Dealing with Difficult People Scenario Based Training

Required materials

Requires textbook and/or online learning materials.

Outside of

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