BA 113 : Applied Accounting III

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Applied Accounting III



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BA 112.


Continuation of Applied Accounting II. Provides an in-depth, more detailed background of specific areas of accounting to effectively deal with most accounting situations as they relate to all business forms.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify key accounting terms as they apply to partnerships and corporations.
2. Demonstrate the accounting cycle process as it applies to partnerships, corporations, and manufacturing accounting systems.
3. Journalize business transactions, post to the general ledger, and create adjusting entries for partnerships and corporations.
4. Create and analyze financial statements as they apply to partnerships and corporations.
5. Demonstrate a basic understanding of manufacturing accounting.

Content outline

Capital Stock
Retained Earnings
Statement of Cash Flows - Indirect
Analysis of Financial Statements
Departmental Accounting
Job Order Cost System
Accounting for Corp. Manufacturing

Required materials

Required textbook, online access, and specified calculator.

Grading methods

This course is assessed through homework, midterm exams, comprehensive accounting problem, participation and a final exam.

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