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Customer Service



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This course introduces principles of effective customer service. Students will learn to develop and implement customer service strategies using systems, technologies, and communication skills to serve diverse customer needs. By evaluating elements of customer service culture and delivery, students will understand standards of service excellence, causes of service breakdowns, and service recovery techniques.

Learning outcomes

1. Analyze the elements of a customer service-focused organizational culture and develop strategies to implement that culture.
2. Explain the communication process and demonstrate effective verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills.
3. Interpret customer behavioral styles and adapt service delivery to each individual customer.
4. Examine the specialized needs of diverse customers and prepare to treat all customers with empathy and respect.
5. Compare and contrast technological tools used to aid customer service delivery.
6. Examine the causes of service breakdown and apply service recovery techniques.
7. Evaluate customer service performce using tools such as mystery shoppers and checklists.

Content outline

Customer Service Profession
Contributing to the Service Culture
Verbal Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Listening to the Customer
Customer Service and Behavior
Service Break Downs
Customer Service in a Diverse World
Customer Service and Technology
Customer Service Loyalty

Required materials

Required textbook.

Grading methods

This course is assessed through discussion, quizzes, assignments, and final or final project.

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