BA 214 : Business Communications

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Business Communications



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Recommended preparation

WR 065 or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 7.

Course Description

Introduces students to prevailing practices of written and oral communication in business organizations, with special attention to audience-adaptation strategies and developing a modern communication style. Includes instruction in formatting techniques, document design, graphics, research strategies and documentation.

Course learning outcomes

1. Develop goal-oriented planning, writing, and editing skills that focus on the purpose of communication.
2. Choose vocabulary and syntax appropriate for effectively communicating with message receivers of varying literacy levels and diverse cultures.
3. Demonstrate a contemporary business writing style in both content and usage.
4. Apply a direct or indirect communication strategy based on analysis of a receiver’s prior knowledge and receptivity to the message.
5. Integrate document design and formatting strategies to improve readability and accessibility of information.
6. Prepare and present an engaging oral business presentation with effective visual aids.
7. Evaluate, organize, and present primary and secondary sources of facts, statistics, empirical data, expert opinions, lay opinions, and value judgments in an informal business report.

Content outline

• Communication Skills Review • Planning Business Messages • Composing Business Messages • Revising Business Messages • Electronic Messages • Positive Messages • Negative Messages • Research Reports • Job Search Resumes • Cover Letters Interviews • Research Report Preparation • Business Presentations

Required materials

Required textbook.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Communications

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